Sonys Play Station Nightmare

Did the Playstation Network become self-aware at 17:00 hours on April 19, realizing the incompetence of those it worked for it quickly tried to bug out. According to the Terminator TV Series, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” April 19 was the date that Skynet became self-aware, a little spooky maybe.

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Design In Motion. The Uber Keyboard

Japanese industrial design company Minebea have created  the greatest looking piece of computer equipment ever. It’s glossy, has much tech bling, is completely function and it’s a keyboard. The product of legendary designer Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki - professor at Osaka University who had been Apple design director in early 1990s –  the Cool Leaf will go on retail sale in japan on May 13. English variants of the keyboard will be release in July.

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OLED Your Time is Fast Approaching

This week scientist from the University of Toronto announced the development of a new production process for OLED panels. OLED are the next generation display that will replace Plasma and LCD TV‘s. While they are prohibitively expensive at the moment new advancements are changing this more every day. Many of the best mobile phone screens on the market are OLED with the Samsung display really popping due to OLED nature. Even current OLED screens are brighter with better colours than LCD, deep blacks and more vibrant colours. With new developments every day OLED’s time to shine is nearly here.

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32bit or 64bit, which bit is better?

32 or 64 bit, a question that seems as common as coffee or tea at the moment. It is a question that will fade away like a favourite old computer, eventually 64bit will be the dominant standard for both CPU’s and Operating Systems, 32bit will disappear. The progression of technology rolls on, stopping at all stations, are you ready for 128bit computing.  Whenever possible the answer to the current bit question should be 64bit, it is the new standard for home computers.

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Kinect SDK, Developers Waving Madly

Microsoft in February announced the release of the software developers kit – SDK - for their now ubiquitous hands free controller, the Kinect. This is the part of the Kinects software that lets clever programs use its various functions. The kit itself won’t be released till September but the release does open the Kinect up to all developers. Officially allowing anyone to build the Kinects functions into any software. Write a game and want to allow players to use the Kinect to play, use the SDK to develop that part of the game’s code.

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Alienwares New Extreme, The M18x

Dell this week has announced two new Alienware gaming laptops, the M14x and M18x. With looks straight out of a Geiger inspired movie and  extreme hardware these are not corporate laptops for tinkering in spreadsheets. The M18x especially is an exercise in the Extreme. Like a geek game of one up man-ship Dell has taken a turn at seeing who can shoe-horn the most extreme parts into the smallest space. While the M14x is already available the M18x will be released within the next month.

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Lights Hidden Properties

University of Michigan boffins have discovered, while shooting lasers through glass, that light shining through non conductive materials exhibit strong magnetic characteristics.

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Blip: Naked Coders at Nude House…

United Kingdom: A Buckinghamshire web software company is looking for fellow nudist to fill a few positions in the expanding company. A number of roles are available, Nude House is looking for 17 able-bodied nudist to fill positions like Sales, Programming, Technical Support. Nude House is a company entirely composed of naturist. Customer interactions are usually over the phone or internet so the customers can keep their cloths on. Technical support can be via webcam for an extra gold members fee.

Chumby 8. The Über Widget Gadget

Chumby our favourite internet gadget company has just released Chumby 8, an upgrade to the already excellent internet device. Chumpy is a small gadget that allows you to load add-on applications to the screen turning the gadget into anything you want.  More than just the ultimate bedside device, think clock radio or alarm clock with a Star Trek twist. Chumby was the first device to really fulfil the term Widget.

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Bridgestone Rolls out E-Paper

Bridgestone, a company normally known for putting rubber on the road has diversified into the display market with their AeroBee Electronic paper. An ultra low power display that doesn’t require power to hold the picture.  E-Paper displays look much more like a newspaper than a normal LCD  display. By moving black and white magnetic particles back and forward the display can show light and dark. All current e-Book readers use a variation of e-Paper, generally E-Inks panels.

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Google has been very busy of late, it takes a lot of work to prepare for a Television Revolution, are you ready for YouTube TV. As more and more people use the internet for their video content this may turn out to be a very clever idea.

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Anomalous Luminous Phenomena aka What The Hell is That…

Strange lights in the sky at night, an ominous delight

Throughout history people around the world have reported seeing strange lights in the sky.

Mysterious lights have always been a part of our culture, from the background of impressionist artists to the back story of Hollywood blockbusters. Modern names have been given to these phenomenon, Earth lights, Anomalous Luminous Phenomena, Atmospheric Optical phenomena, UFO or *hit you see in the sky. A number of phenomena fall under the Earth lights banner; earth quake lights, polar lights, sprites, ball lightning and mystery lights. As scientist strive to explain the remaining mysteries of Earth lights the UFO research groups are claiming Earth lights as their own.


Satin Black Celebration

Chevy 2012 Corvette Centennial package

Chevrolet the old girl of American Auto is 100 years old this very year. To celebrate and bring back that youthful feeling – late midlife crisis ? – Chevy is releasing the Centennial Edition Z06. The Centennial Package itself can be applied to all of the current Z06 models, all the way up to the King of the Hill ZR1.

No price has been released for the upgrade as of yet. To keep the party spirit going Chevy auctioned a Silk Black Centennial Corvette through Barrett-Jackson Auctions, who auctioned it off for charity, it sold for $175,000 USD

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Chevrolet Sheep Do Dream, Mi-Ray…

Chevrolet has looked to the future and created their vision. The Mi-Ray was developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul and is a departure for Chevrolet, this is a risky gamble.

The car will earn a lot of fans for its sharp edgy design. It’s one of those cars that looks like its speeding even when at a stand still. Cue’s have been taken from modern jet fighters, from the sculptured interior to the wing like doors the aircraft inspiration is revealed in.

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Fast Forward to the Past. The New Commodore 64

CommodoreUSA is about to re-release the Commodore 64 onto an unsuspecting world.

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Free 2 Play, The Gathering Storm

The world of computer gaming is going through  a quiet revolution. Free2Play games – F2P - are taking over the spare time of people everywhere. It’s not just for the boys either, girls are spending enough time on Facebook F2P games that their X-Box addicted boyfriends are complaining.

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Nike+ Sports Watch, Just Plain Cool

The Nike+ Sports Watch is by far the slickest pace of gadgetry yet from Nike. With a TomTom GPS inboard this watch will always know where you are, even if you don’t. Will this watch shake up the exercise world ?

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How2: Upgrading Your Computers Memory

Does the term chugging along ring true when describing your computer? Do you need to squeeze a bit more life out of your old beast, maybe consider upgrading the memory in your computer. Upgrading a computers memory is the easiest upgrade off all. Computer RAM is sort of like your brains short term memory, when your brain is adding numbers together, listening to people talk it is all going on in you short term memory. Computer memory is the same, it’s a computers working space, it’s the computers scratch pad to keep track of whats going on. Just like an alcoholic with no short term memory a computer without enough memory wont be at it’s best, the computer wont be able to do many things at once, things will be a little slow to get going, and things will stumble and fall  every now and then, just like an alcoholic.

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