Über Memory: Corsair Dominator® GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3 2400MHz

Corsair, the makers of high quality memory products have announced and released the fastest DDR3 memory for desktop computers, the Über Dominator GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3. This new member of the  Dominator® GT family of memory is built using hand-picked chips. A 4 stage testing process is used to hand-pick the best 5% of parts and combine them into this exclusive hardware. Used by overclockers to set records this is not everyday memory but true Über RAM. Better buckle up this is quick stuff.

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SID. The State of Display

The latest technology for displays has been on show for Display Week, part of the 49th Annual SID conference. The conference is a chance for the display industry to break records and get some attention. Many deals will be done in seedy back rooms, deals and decisions that will affect next years models of tablets, smart phones and TV’s. With the whole display industry watching on all of the big players lay their cards on the table to see who’s got the best hand.

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iSYS X13 Chromium Chrome, First Chrome OS Lifesized Modular Desktop

ChromiumPC the shiniest of shines and the name of the first ever Google Chrome OS based desktop computer. iSYS Technologies and Xi3 Corporation have teamed up to release a flexible and impressively hip looking compact computer. Using a very clever modular design Xi3 have managed to fit an impressive amount of computing power into this coke can sized computer. Then just to make it catch your eye they made it out of Billet Aluminium and Chrome.

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Metallic Glass

Metallic Glasses, the new wonder material for a world pushing the boundaries. When Titanium is no longer strong enough where do you turn, BMGBulk Metallic Glasses –  2.5 times stronger than titanium, but with the production costs of plastic. Cheap tough and very quick to form. Could metallic glass marbles be the toy of the future ?

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Google’s Electric Dreams

It looks like life is lonely at the House of Google. Google – and by association Larry and Surge – are looking for an invitation into everyone’s living rooms and kitchens. In fact it’s a home invasion of the Google kind. At Google’s annual developers schmooze this week – I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco – Google announced the Android@Home platform designed to facilitate home automation on Android devices – Tablets, phones initially. Imagine being able to control every light and appliance in your home from a  single tablet. Stream music and have it follow you from room to room.. Google is aiming at becoming apart of our home life in a much more direct and personal way.

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Ü is for Über

The Über laptop release cycle continues unabated, the latest entrant into the race is the Maingear eX-L17 a TRUE gaming laptop. Most entrants in the Über laptop competition are extravagant looking as they are full of bleeding edge technology. The Maingear bucks this trend, eX-L17 is the Clark Kent of the Über Laptop world. Don’t underestimate eX-L17, it’s definitely faster than a speeding bullet. Underneath the nice guy exterior the eX-L17 has all of the technology to make it into the Über category, but can it take the crown ?

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The Loneliest Planets

Scientists have recently confirmed the existence of large number of free-floating planets, planets not part of any particular solar system. These are the Loneliest Planets of all.

Destined to roam the universe bumping along with no particular destination in mind and no traveling companions. Traditionally scientific belief has held that most planets orbited the sun they were formed around. A study has recently revealed – published in the scientific journal Nature - the possibility of 400 billion free-floating planets in the Milky Way.

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Samsung’s Über HiDef Tablet Display

Samsung have announced the new super high-resolution display, the PenTile RGBW™ panel, for next generation tablets and smart phones.This new 10″ panel is capable of displaying  2560 x 1600  WQXGA pixel resolution. The display will be on show at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium May 17-19 in LA.. Be ready, these next generation panels will make you go WOW.

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The Flexible Computer and The Bend Gesture

In this fast changing world flexibility is an advantage, to bend and not break. Scientists have finally combined all of the flexible technologies  – flexible display, flexible computer, flexible electronics –  with bend sensors that enable bend gestures. This is truly interactive paper, not just interactive pixels. Scientists  from the  Human Media Lab at Canada’s Queens University have developed the natural extension to the flexible computer, the flexible interface. Called the PaperPhone - even though its made of plastic and is more computer than phone – this prototype is the first device to bring all of the technologies together. Combining all of the functionality of a smart phone – very basic though – into a sheet of plastic with bend sensors, the future is here.

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B-Square: ÜberGadgets

Every Now and Then Something Comes Along That Truly Makes Us Say WOW, Another of those Moments Has Just Hit!


B-Squares, a small gadget idea with big possibilities. Designed by MIT grads Jordan McRae and Shawn Frayne this is the kind of idea that feels kind of world changing. At it’s heart the B-Square system consists of a number of different types of building blocks – Squares – that can snap together to form different gadgets. Currently 6 Squares have been designed and prototyped, Solar, LED display, Battery (3 AAA), iPhone doc and a processor square called the Proto Square. A sound square is also in the works. Described as a 3D modular electronics system different Squares can are snapped together to form simple gadgets; iPhone solar charger, alarm clock, lamp, portable power. Truly brilliant though is the fact that as more Squares are developed and released new possibilities open up. The duo plans on releasing the Sound Square , an iPhone playback doc in the not so distant future.

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Curvaceous Super Spies in the Skies

Northrop Grumman has this week unveiled the latest generation spy plane into our crowded skies, the Firebird.

This is the the curvy super model of surveillance aircraft. Most unusual for an unmanned aircraft is the inclusion of a cockpit option allowing this bad boy to do double duty as either an automated drone or as a more traditional piloted surveillance aircraft. Flexibility is the theme of the day for the Firebird and it takes it to the extreme. This may well be the Swiss army knife of the slow moving surveillance aircraft. With the ability to juggle high def video, ultra hi-res pictures, infra red, ultra violet, radar and communications simultaneously this is a multitasking master.

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Intel’s 3D Transistor

It seems to be that everything is going 3D at the moment, Nintendo’s 3DS portable 3D and TV manufacturers trying to convince us all to wear goofy glasses aren’t the only 3D revolutions happening, Intel has jumped on the 3D bandwagon with their announcement of 3D transistors on Wednesday – 4th May 2011, San Francisco press conference -. The transistor is considered by many to be the greatest invention of the 20th century, frankly it should be up there with the discovery of fire. It is the building block of every gadget and make life easier device made today with the 3D transistor being an important step in its evolution

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