The Borg Satellites of DARPA's Phoenix Program

Satellites envelop our world like a web, another kind of world wide web. Proving to be indispensable for communications, scientific exploration and avoiding getting lost when shopping, they have become our eyes and ears in the sky, an essential part of everyday life.

DARPA, America’s greatest research and development organizations has turned it’s  attention to space junk and satellites. With such previous contributions to society such as the Internet and GPS satellites DARPA isn’t the sort of company you ignore. Sure they may have their odd flight of fancy, the flying Humvee idea turned a lot of heads, turned heads with curious looks wanting to ask flying what now? Project Phoenix aims to create a new class of satellite, the Borg Satellite.

The Borg or Tender - DARPA’s designation – space robot will be able to disassemble and maintain other satellites. Eventually DARPA hopes the Tender’s will be able build working satellites from various spare parts floating around in GEO – geostationary – orbit. Could the DARPA Borg satellites begin eating other satellites and produce kill-bots to take over the world, possibly but there are a lot of technological hurdles to overcome yet.

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iModela, The Desktop 3D Printing Factory

The world is shrinking, cities seem much closer together when you travel at near to the speed of sound, computers that once filled entire buildings now fit in your pocket and what once required factories full of machines can be done by the iM-01 iModela, the desktop 3D printing factory.

Roland has managed to squeeze an entire automated production system into a box not much bigger than an inkjet printer and at $1000 they have managed to  bring desktop manufacturing to the masses, anyone with a computer and spare USB port can start the production line rolling.. A product of Roland’s little known DG division the iM-01 brings flexible manufacturing to a desktop near you.

“With iModela, artists around the world can bring their most innovative design ideas to life, adding dimension and style to creative projects, whether or not they have any previous experience with 3D technologies.

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Spherical Panoramic Camera Ball

As a species. creativity has to be one of our greatest strengths, granted some ideas and inventions can come across a little whacky and strange, but with perseverance they often blossom into excellent gadgets. One such idea is the Spherical Panoramic Camera Ball, created by Jonas Pfeil. The ball is tossed into the air where it proceeds to snap a full 360 degree panoramic image of the surrounding scene. The images produced are an amazing snapshot of the moment, with every direction able to be explored. Unexpected details appear in every corner, even capturing the scene behind you that was till then unseen.

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FLASH900 GAME REVIEW: Battlefield 3 – Open Beta

The Release of Battlefield 3 is Upon Us, Yes Jets + Prone Are Back!


Battlefield 3 is just around the corner, and for those of us who await the next new title – with drooling anticipation – this  latest instalment promises to be explosive military fun. Jets are back and a full range of vehicles, prone makes a return and 64 player makes a return for PC, bring on the chaos. For those unfamiliar with this game here’s a taste.

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AMD FX-8150, The Battle Continues

Consensus suggests that the release of AMD’s much anticipated Bulldozer CPU was a little underwhelming. Performance improvements were a mixed bag with gains in some areas and only just staying on par with older AMD CPU’s in other areas. While AMD’s older Athlon and Phenom processors were due for an overhaul, AMD still took the gutsy approach making such aggressive and forward looking changes. The Bulldozer architecture represents a total redesign of AMD’s processors. The new top of the line AMD chip, the FX-8150 contains an astounding 2 billion transistors on 315 mm² of silicon. While the FX is unable to compete with Intel’s 980 Extreme Edition processors on raw performance AMD has priced the chip to compete with Intel’s Core i7-2600K, the current Value Performance King on the desktop. At $269 USD the AMD FX-8150 is avoiding the whole Extreme Edition comparisons altogether and taking the fight to Intel’s mid range processors.

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Game: Dead Island Review

The game  is centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested island. Dead Island was released on September 6, 2011 in North America and September 9, 2011 for PAL regions. Dead Island features Open World roaming, played in the First Person perspective. The focus is on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry, vehicle customization, combat, and RPG elements.

The Game – Dead Island: first person horror action-adventure video game

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Predator Virus. When Drones Go Rogue

The world of espionage is full of twists and turns, plays and counter plays. In the latest twist, it was recently discovered that America’s most powerful surveillance tech gadgets, the Predator and Reaper UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles –  have been infected by a keylogger virus. Discovered by the military’s Host-Based Security System the virus has made itself at home in the controller cockpits located at Creech Air Force Base at Indian Springs in Nevada. Most of the Afghanistan and Iraq are missions flown from Creech.

A defence official confirmed to CNN on Monday that the virus had infected the systems that control the drones but it hadn’t interfered with normal operations. Officials would not comment on the specific virus or how the virus had infected the systems.

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World's Largest Terrestrial Radio Telescope, ALMA Opens it's Eyes

The human senses are a marvel of natural design but they are limited by their physical qualities. Perfectly adapted to life on the surface of the planet Earth, not so great if you want to listen to faint stars on the other side of the universe.

Luckily enough one of humanities greatest survival techniques is making use of other sensory systems. Whether it be listening for the bark of a guard dog to pointing the largest telescope in the world at just the right bit of the sky humanity has always made use of tools to extend our senses.

The latest addition to our extra sensory abilities is the Worlds Largest Millimeter / Sub-Millimeter Radio Telescope in Chile, The Atacama Large Millimeter/sub millimeter Array – ALMA – sits upon the high planes of the Chajnantor plateau in northern Chile. At an altitude of 5000 the middle of an isolated plateau the ALMA telescope has one of the clearest sky to look through. The array itself consists of 66 individual radio telescopes networked together, with their combined power being pointed at a single point they are able to produce the highest resolution images possible of the furthest reaches of our universe. Helping us look at the coldest darkest parts of the Universe with new clarity. ALMA joins other great names such as Hubble and SDO in our list of most valuable scientific instruments, or was that most popular scientific instruments.

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Sony’s New Audio Sphere, The Omni-Direction Sound Ball, Audio Everywhere

Being a little different is often the key to success, especially if your trying to introduce a product to a crowded market. Sony certainly has managed to produce something a little different with their new Omni-directional speakers, audio spheres. Using a single speaker Sony’s newly developed Circle Sound system is able to provide crisp and clear audio to every corner of a room.
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Logitech Wireless Touchpad, The Finger Friendly Input Device

The ultimate input device for a multimedia PC may just be a flat black 5″ square of plastic, the Logitech Wireless Touchpad for Windows 7. In one foul swoop – swipe ? –  Logitech has shifted the PC world towards a finger friendly future. Smartphone and Tablets have changed the touch-screen interface forever, in the process showing the PC world how touch should be done in. The recent release of the Razor Switchblade LCD Touchscreen interface has helped the PC make up ground, a step forward. Now Logitech is bringing the gesture interface to the rest of the Windows 7 PC world. The Wireless Touchpad brings a fantastically familiar interface to the PC, if you’re a touchscreen fan or need to simplify controlling a desktop computer, especially  Media-Centre PC’s, the Wireless Touchpad is an elegant solution to a dinosaur’s problem. Plug the incredibly small USB receiver into an empty USB port to drag any PC into the world of gesture and touch.
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