Medfield: Intel’s New Mobile Processor

Intel’s Medfield processor is a brand new flavor for Intel. Designed from the ground up for the extremely low power requirements of the Smartphone world. Intel hopes Medfield will go places they have never been, in our pockets. Intel has undoubtedly dominated the desktop computer for 30 years but they have consistently failed - had their butts kicked – in the low power world, smart phones and tablets included. The current leader of low power processors is the ARM processor. Designed in England and manufactured by many companies these processors can be found in every smartphone and 99% of tablets. Look out ARM Intel is gunning for your market.

For Midfield Intel has pulled out all the stops and is finally working in the right direction when it comes to low power. Starting with a notebook processor and altering it for ultra low power could be considered working top down, this time Intel has worked bottom up. Starting with the design of each type of transistor, optimizing each to stop current leakage, wasted power that is converted to heat. Working their way up the design ladder the chip itself integrates a new design strategy, System On A Chip. SoC is a process of integrating as much of a system onto one chip. Intel didn’t stop there, with their sights set on the Smartphone world they have built in technology to accelerate common android functions.

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LG’s New Dream Screens, IPS6 Cinema 3D Monitors

LG is set to introduce their latest display technology at CES 2012. The DM92 is LG’s new baby, with a 27″ IPS panel surrounded by a super sexy 1mm bezel. Almost looking edge to edge the panel fills the screen. The IPS technology used in new range of monitors guarantees the brightest colors and widest viewing angles. LG’s new IPS panels will be showcased in four new series of monitors that will cover the gamut of options and price ranges.  All models are 3D enabled with one model being optimized for 3D. All also offer the full range of PC and Multimedia inputs to allow the monitors to do double duty. This latest generation of IPS panel also off 25% better power efficiency so we can all enjoy the extra color and still be helping the planet.

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AOC’s Incredible iPhone Docking Monitor

AOC, creators of displays great and small has added a twist  to the humble LCD monitor. Making HDMI inputs look old school AOC’s new e2343Fi monitor includes a docking station for your iPhone or Touch.

While the e2343Fi may look like your standard 23″ monitor it’s SRS speakers and integrated Apple interface makes this monitor perfect as a mini multimedia studio. Once the brains of the operation is docked your iPhone’s display is automatically mirrored on the 23″ LCD, in it’s full high definition glory. AOC isn’t stopping at adding a docking station to your monitor either, rumors suggest a combined USB connectivity and dock has already been prototyped. AOC’s new multipurpose monitor along new prototype displays will be on show at the much anticipated CES 2012. AOC is coming prepared with many tricks up their sleeve.

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Sony PS Vita Available in Japan NOW!!!

With the orange glow of the rising Sun over Mount Fuji Sony has surprised the world yet again. The PS Vita is available in Japan now. This signals the release of the most highly anticipated gaming hardware of 2011. Catching the world by surprise on Saturday the electronics giant gave it’s loyal Japanese fans an early Christmas present.

With prices ranging from $320 to $380 USD demand was high, even after re-allocating 200,000 units and delaying the world wide release from January 1, 2012 to February 2, 2012. Crowds assembled early and queues built throughout the day until stocks ran out. Akihabara and  Ikebukuro are just two of Japans legendary gadget and electronics shopping districts that played host to much of the excitement, for those lucky few gadget loving fans that got in quick.

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The Industrial Revolution in Space: Made In Space

The industrial revolution has changed every aspect of life in the last 200 years, now it is moving on to the final frontier, Space. Made In Space – MIS -, is a recent entrant into the race to manufacture in space and they have recently completed their first series of zero-gravity manufacturing tests. With more than a billion dollars of parts flown into space every year MIS hopes to manufacture up to 30% of those parts in space, directly where they are needed, when they are needed. More than just a good idea this is the start of the industrial revolution of space.

3D printing and in-space manufacturing will dramatically change the way we look at space exploration, commercialization, and mission design today.” said Aaron Kemmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Made In Space. “The possibilities range from building on-demand parts for human missions to building large space habitats that are optimized for space.”

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EZ-Robot! Will The Real Wall-E Please Stand Up

Robotics is a burgeoning field, just like computers 30 years ago robotics is moving from the exclusive labs of the of the übernoid to the world of the everyday enthusiast, bringing robotics to anyone with a little curiosity. EZ-Robot, a Canadian company is doing just that, aiming to bring robotics to the masses. The EZ-Robot kit and Wall-E project is just one of the many robots available on EZ’s site, from creepy insect  robots to miniature Daleks. Don’t be fooled by Wall-E’s cute face this isn’t just another remote control toy, Wall-E responds to voice commands, plays chase the ball and can even dance to his favorite song. He sighs when you take his ball away and sings when he’s happy.

DJ Sures and his team at EZ-Robot have released the hardware kit and software  – EZ-Builder –  that will allow anyone to easily construct their very own Wall-E robot, no soldering or programming required. This includes taking advantage of voice recognition, joystick support and camera object recognition.

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DELL: Alienware Aurora ALX

High end gaming PC’s are the pinnacle of desktop computing power. The race to be the best of the best, to occupy that pinnacle has heated up with Dell announcing  the immediate availability of the new Alienware Aurora ALX. Faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap server towers in a single bound the Aurora ALX is a gamers Superman suit. With options including the Intel Core i7-3960X, NVIDIA GTX 590 and Raid SSD’s the Aurora is technological tour de force with all of the leading edge technology available as part of the customization options. Prices start at $3,099, from there the system can be customized to match the depth of your pockets. The fully customized Aurora ALX setting you back $6,999 for the highest specification Über gaming machine.

Every aspect of the Aurora ALX has been designed with no compromise gaming in mind. Dell could have used air cooling for the Extreme Edition CPU but that would be a cost compromise and frankly far too normal, instead the Alienware uses integrated water cooling to allow extreme CPU speeds. The top end processor option includes the Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU that is factory overclocked to 3.9Ghz and 4.2Ghz turbo mode, for a 6 core CPU that is blistering fast. Even cooling the Aurora’s case has been taken to the extreme with the Active Cooling System, a series of vents that run along the top of the Aurora ALX which open when extra cooling is required.

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EXODesk: The Flat Out Übertouch Surface

Viewsonic and EXOPC have joined forces to drag the PC into the world of touch and gestures. No longer is it the territory of tablets and smartphones alone. The EXOdesk PC represents a new generation of touch screen hardware that is invading our desktops and coffee tables. This week Viewsonic and EXOdesk announced the production of a 32″ EXOdesk that should be available early 2012 for $1,299 USD. The new model will be on display for all to see in the Viewsonic booth at next years CES, January 2012 Las Vegas. Laid out flat the EXOdesk becomes an Über touch screen surface computer or even an interactive coffee table. Upright the EXO is an Über white board and interactive display. Anyway you look at it the EXOdesk is signalling a new way to work with our machines.

Two models of the EXOPC are set to be produced by Viewsonic. The first version to be produced will integrate an Intel Core i7, Intel graphics and Windows 7, all built into the display. The second version  produced will not include the integrated PC, this will require a an external PC but will allow you to control the PC’s specifications. The display itself will be a fairly standard 32″ 1080p Hi-Def LCD - 1920 x 1080 -. The surface of the display is the key, the capacitive touch screen is able to handle 10 point touch, with complex gestures and an intuitive on-screen keyboard.

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Kyobo Tablet: Mirasol Display

Display technology is changing faster than ever. Take for example Qualcomm, makers of much mobile chippery who have recently released upon the world a brand new display technology, the Mirasol display. Working much like the colorful patterns on butterfly wings the Mirasol display reflects selective wavelengths of light using millions of tiny pits containing mirrors. This allows the display  to have very different characteristics to that of today’s kings of display panels, LCD and eInk. The first example of the Mirasol display is now available to South Koreans in the shape of the the Kyobo eReader, available through Kyobo’s Book Center. The new eReader promises low power, fast frame rates, color and the display actually gets brighter and easier to read out doors.

The Kyobo’s display technology sets this little eReader apart. Working in partnership Qualcomm, Kyobo South Korea’s largest book retailer have released the Kyobo e-Reader, integrating a 5.7″  Mirasol display from Qualcomm. Squeezing in a 1024 x 768 resolution display with 25mhz frame rate the Kyobo eReader is the first tablet device to combine the color and brightness of LCD with the low power and outdoor readability of eInk commonly used in Amazons Kindle eReaders. Inside the Kyobo eReader contains even more Qualcomm technology, the tablet uses a Qualcomm 1.0 GHz Snapdragon processor, a zippy low power chip. The tablets interface is driven by Kyobo’s application interface sitting a top of the Android 2.3 operating system. This may well be the South Korean equivalent to the Amazon Fire. The software for the eReader ties in with Kyobo’s  online books stores to give an integrated library, bookstore and reading experience. Bringing tablet like performance to e-Readers, blurring the lines even more.

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Google Native Client Gaming! The Future of Browser Gaming

Browser based gaming, while being fun they are commercial gaming’s poor cousin. Google is single handily changing this with a new updated Chrome, giving Chrome the ability to surf games. While working with the web is still Chromes daily bread Google is working hard to allow Google to run games at full speed. Native Client is Google’s new technology aimed at achieving this, gaming that combines the ease of use of browser games with the speed and detail of full commercial games.

Browser games are currently ruled by Flash, Java, HTML and CSS, which realistically has never had the speed or functionality to compete with commercial games. That’s not to say that browser gaming doesn’t have advantages. Browser based games win hands down when it comes to quick setup time and ease of use. With no applications to install, online accounts to setup or security keys to enter browser games are  the king of quick play.

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Senseg! Touch Screen Feed-back for your Fingers

Touch screens, the input device of the 21st century are due for a major upgrade. While they may be convenient they have always lacked any type of direct feedback, forcing us to live with passive feed back, the incessant beeping of the touch screen keyboard. Finnish company Senseg have recently announced a revolutionary technology that provides feed back directly to your fingers as you swipe the touch screen. Dubbed feel screen technology Senseg is able to simulate various physical textures, edges, contours and vibrations, putting the touch back into typing.

“By passing an ultra-low electrical current into the insulated electrode, Senseg’s Tixel, the proprietary charge driver can create a small attractive force to finger skin. By modulating this attractive force a variety of sensations can be generated, from textured surfaces and edges to vibrations and more”  Dave Rice, Senseg

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My Robot Nation

Fellow robot fanatics Rejoice!!A brand new source for the objects of our desires has appeared on the web. My Robot Nation’s website has recently opened for business allowing any citizen of the web to design their own Robot and then at the click of a button have it 3D printed. Designing  your Robot couldn’t be simpler, with the latest 3D WebGL interface the site feels more like a character builder in the latest computer game, this is point and click design at its simplest and best. The full 3D view lets you customize every millimeter of your new Robot. Once your satisfied with your creation hit the make my robot button and relax until your custom robot is delivered to your door. When unwrapping your robot you are required to pronounce, like an over-eager Dr Frankenstein, “It has Arrived”.

Built a top the latest web technology – WebGL and HTML5 – which limits to access Chrome and Firefox users at the moment. For Chrome users the My Robot Nation app can be downloaded from the Chrome Store, giving a slightly smoother and faster feel to the application.

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USB Monitor: Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe

As our online lives spread, growing wider with each click, desktop real-estate is at a premium. Helping to alleviate this growing problem are the new crop of USB LCD displays. Mimo, a leader in the field have recently updated their top of the line USB displays with the introduction of two new mini monitors the Mimo Magic Touch and Magic Touch Deluxe. Adding Capacitive Touch Screen to the Mimo’s range of incredibly handy displays. Mimo’s Magic doesn’t just stop at touch screen, being extremely low power the Magic is able to run off USB power only, allowing a single cable to connect the Magic to it’s host computer. The perfect netbook companion or place  to offload all of those social media windows, conversations  or real time displays while still keeping an eye on them.

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On the Surface: The Samsung – Microsoft Collaborative Interface Revolution

Many products don’t make the transition from idea to retail product, vapor ware is the name given to these product ideas and prototypes that simply disappear into the ether. With an incredibly popular demonstration earlier this year at CES ‘Surface‘ seemed too good to be true, and looked like one of those ideas that just may end up being an ether dweller. Thankfully ‘Surface‘ isn’t one of those products, with the announcement this week that ‘Surface SUR40‘ is available for pre-order in 23 countries. Microsoft and Samsung have delivered more than just a new touch screen, ‘Surface‘ is a new way of collaborating.

The Samsung SUR40 Surface is the retail version of the Über coffee table demonstrated at CES earlier this year, with the finished product being slimmer and lighter than the demonstration. Most often seen in it’s table format, flat out, Surface can just as easily be mounted on a wall or installed at an angle in kiosks and information booths.

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AppBlaster! Alien Blasting Fun

When aliens invade your living room there is only one weapon to reach for, your trusty AppBlaster. The AppBlaster rifle – AppGun – may appear to be a simple plastic imitation laser rifle, to the untrained eye. Don’t be fooled  though it is your best friend when Aliens start popping out from behind your TV or crawling down your walls. With your iPhone mounted on the AppGun, Alien Attack game installed and running its time to start dispatching the invading alien horde. Watching your iPhones screen Alien Attack will reveal the Aliens not visible to the naked eye. Using the two triggers you are tasked with clearing the room.

Part of a new generation of video game AppBlaster is one of the first augmented reality video games. Augmented Reality melds real world footage from your phones camera with computer generated graphics, in this case Aliens just asking for a butt kicking. Alien Attack isn’t location specific either, no matter where you are it will reveal the hidden alien invasion. To keep the action smooth and convincing the software has to keep the computer generated graphics in place over the live footage even though the camera on the phone will be moving about. Your phones motion sensors are used for just this purpose, keeping the two pictures synchronized.

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